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Jersey’s longest-established relocation company

Vicky Pemberton founded Ashore Relocation in 2008 having moved to Jersey eight years earlier. Ashore is based in Jersey and only looks after people moving to and from Jersey. Our services are completely personalised and personable.

I have first hand experience of the isolation of moving to Jersey and knowing no one. I’ve had babies, needed childcare, looked at loads of schools and had to find my way around and make new friends. Because I relocated here, I have a pretty good idea of how you feel and what your needs might be. With a background in both small and large corporations – and experience in HR – and having lived and worked in London, France, and America I understand the cultural shift of moving to Jersey. I love living here and helping people by seeing them happily settled and enjoying the island.”

Vicky at work

We are the experts. We know where to get really fantastic local food, where to go for great coffee, were buy a washing machine or sofa. We can introduce you to you to a tidy decorator, a reliable plumber, a fabulous florist or a local tax or legal advisor.

Whatever you need, you’re in safe hands.

Give Vicky a ring on +44 7797 814781, or email, and we can find out how best we can help you.

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